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Gutter Guards

american seamless aluminum leaf filter gutter guard
American seamless aluminum leaf filter gutter guards
american seamless leaf filter gutter guards

Examples of gutter guards that don't work

leafguard gutters dont work
gutter guards that don't work

Stainless steel Micro-mesh               Gutter Guards

We offer top of the line stainless steel micro-mesh gutter guards that come with a money back guarantee. Our gutter screens stand up to the nations largest gutter protection companies at a fraction of the cost. We want to keep your gutters flowing and free of leaves, shingle grit and debris, while offering the most affordable prices possible. We want to keep your basement dry, not your wallet.


We also offer a selection of other screens to match any budget and situation, from large leaves to pine needles.








You  may be asking, "what's the benefit of stainless steel micro-mesh gutter guards compared to other types of gutter guards and gutter covers?" Solid gutter covers, similar to leafguard gutters, were quite popular for a while but as time went on we came to realize they just don't work. As you can see, the solid covers, that curve around, allow for debris to follow water into your gutters. It also has an opening wide enough to allow bee's, wasps and small bird to make nests.


A lot of local contractors like to use products like Leaf RX, Leaf Relief, or similar gutter screen products that just don't work. As you can see, these types of products sit flat; when leaves, twigs and other debris land on them they don't get pushed off as the rain runs off of your roof. Instead it gets wet and sticks to the top of the gutter covers which causes the rain to come over the face of the gutter instead of going into it. Well you might ask, "If it doesn't work, why do they sell it?" The reasoning behind it is that it is very inexpensive to buy but they can charge the same as good screens, because most homeowners don't know better, so they can make a larger profit at your homes integrity and expense.

Know that you have learned a little bit about the differences between gutter guards, make sure you do some research and make a wise investment when looking for gutter protection for your home. 

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We accept payments in check, cash and all major credit cards.

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